Complete cycle of
cybersecurity works

Remove your business threats

IT infrastructure vulnerabilities

Research and instant infrastructure monitoring to evaluate the level of data security. Cybersecurity control assurance to prevent data leak and system failure.

Theft, hacking and IT attacks

Possible cyber threats’ and deliberate leaks’ level evaluation, choosing the optimal methods of vulnerable areas protection. Conduct pentest, imitating malefactors attacks.

Employees’ failures, resulted in hacking attacks

Employee training on secure communication and defended workplace organization (file transfer over insecure communications channels, clicks on unchecked links). Network employees’ activity monitoring.

Data leaks due to software problems

Source code audit for regular software update availability and errors, preventing its normal functioning. Secure application development consultation.

Main services

Infrastructure protection
  • Infrastructure security trainings
  • Constant external framework monitoring
Security management
  • Personal security trainings
  • Incidents investigation
  • Data collection and analysis
Penetration testing
  • Pentest – cyberattack simulation performed to discover security-sensitive areas
  • Stress-testing with susceptibility to attacks
Software audit
  • Developing software audit
  • Security improvement consulting
  • Applications security trainings
DevOps processes security level evaluation
  • Processes and configurations audit (ref: ansible, chef, docker, kubernetes) for data security enhancement
  • Control establishment and security checks into DevOps processes consultation

Cybersecurity audit

We will conduct your computer infrastructure security test.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of your systems security, recommendations on vulnerabilities resolution and security enhancement.

The weakest link’s security defines the state of the whole infrastructure.

Work stages

Step 1
Data collection

- Exposure to the subject of research

- Investigation of security incidents (hacking, theft, data leaks)

- Work planning

Step 2
Vulnerability search

- Manual or automatic search for weak areas

- External framework audit

- Obtained result analysis

Step 3

- Conclusions about detected vulnerabilities

- Recommendations concerning cybersecurity enhancement and software errors correction

Step 4
Security enhancement

- Cybersecurity enhancement trainings and consultations

- Vulnerabilities system search

- Constant monitoring for aberrant behavior detection

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